This turned out to be my biggest preseason miss.
The San Jose Sharks are the first team to be eliminated from Stanley Cup Playoff contention during the 2022-23 NHL season.
Those playoff races may not be as close as they seem.
These teams are good. I know these teams are goood. But how good are they and what exactly are they capable of in the Stanley Cup Playoffs?
The Boston Bruins are not only still the team to beat they ended up getting even better on paper, while the Carolina Hurricanes and New Jersey Devils…
Never believe the hype on prices and some teams missed on some big opportunities.

February 2023

They do not care about draft picks, and they should not.
Also some more some quick random thoughts on the Department Of Player Safety
We might just be bored with them at this point.
Every year there is a defenseman like this that gets traded for an outrageously high price that nobody expected them to get traded for. He is that…
If you make smart decisions the salary cap should never get in the way of adding the player you want or need.
But how much value do their players have?